Monitor Your Website
Get notified instantly 24-7.

Make sure your website has a high availability and high performance. UptimeHQ allows you to track in a dashboard your site's performance.


Track Website Load Time

Want to track your site's performance over time? You will have access to a beautiful dashboard of analytics showing you the trends of your load times and issues.

Track Multiple Sites

Your UptimeHQ dashboard supports multiple websites and applications. Add multiple property and see their stats in one beautiful viewport.

Multiple Locations

Choose from one or many of our 17 Worldwide locations to run your tests and log data from each of them individually.

HTTP(s) or Keyword Test

Whether you want to validate that your page is loading or if a certain word or tag is present on the page, our flexible tests are there to help.

Export your data

Every single data-point that we collect on your uptime is exportable in csv or json. That includes downtimes, load times & error codes.

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics suite allows you to view load time by location, time and property. You can also list all the downtimes in a specific timeframe.

What our client
are saying

UptimeHQ made uptime monitoring our multiple websites a real breeze. Their notification system works great for us and their test system is quite powerful.
- NuanceSparks


How it works

You add one or multiple websites to your dashboard in UptimeHQ.

You create a test for that website. HTTP(s) or Keyword tests are currently available.

You let us know where we should notify you if there is a downtime.

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